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An “alert” is really a promotion. Check disclaimers and you will see this is the case at virtually all penny market newsletters. Many of you assume I make money by getting paid in stock, or something of that nature. This is not the case. I make money by getting paid in cash, not stock. Specifically, wire transfers in USD to my US based bank account. This is the way most newsletters you read operate, and how they make money too.

Sometimes I also have issued alerts where I get no payment and do not expect payment, and I just put out the alert at my own discretion. Typically speaking, most alerts I issue are promotions for which I am paid. You can always find this info in the disclaimer below.

Furthermore, while I always aggressively state the risks and dangers of trading my alerts, there is a danger that has recently come to my attention. Various individuals in this “industry” have been accused of issuing press releases and/or general company info for various OTC companies that is false, fraudulent, exaggerated, and so on and so forth. This means, even if you do very thorough due diligence on a stock, it is always possible that someone involved with the stock may have put false or exaggerated information out there that could be part of your research. There are only a few cases that I am personally aware of, but how widespread this issue is, is unfortunately unknown. You should keep this in mind when considering taking any trading action. This is further reason, in my personal opinion, why these OTC companies are not suitable for anything resembling a traditional investment. (Long term gains are extremely rare)